Elvis icon  The Elvis Text Editor - a vi clone for Unix and other operating systems 08/20/2003

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Elvis icon (transparent background)  What is Elvis?

Elvis - written by Steve Kirkendall is a very powerful vi/ex clone providing a remarkable number of bells and whistles like:

While the first Elvis versions - like the original vi - were developed for Unix systems now ports to many other operating systems have spread. Here's a list of the different environments supported by Elvis and how it looks like:

Elvis in a console window, click to focus  The Unix (or DOS or Windows or OS/2) console is what most people expect from a vi/ex-like text editor.
Elvis in a console window, click to focus  Elvis also provides an X11 interface for GUI lovers. It is available for Unix systems and OS/2. The OS/2 port is currently being maintained by Martin "Herbert" Dietze, however the VIO user interface and some of the other os specific code had been done by Lee Johnson.
WinElvis, click to focus  WinElvis is a native Win32 GUI application with menu bar, smart icons etc. It is being maintained by Serge Pirotte.
McElvis, click to focus  An Elvis port to the Mackintosh is currently in progress. However I do not have any binaries available. The Mac port is being maintained by Alain Mellan.


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